Specialty Machining Services

Shaft Straightening:

Melling Industries is the owner of an Eitel Straightening Press, a custom-built machine that was designed to compensate for heat treat warpage and all other processes that may cause or create shaft bending. This specially made, smart machine allows us to offer a service that many screw machine facilities cannot. 

We have the capability to straighten hex, square, round, and almost any other shape shaft, while holding a tolerance of .002 per inch.   Our Eitel Straightening Press is ideal for high production/high volume runs. 



Melling Industries has attempted to become even more diverse by its acquisition of 4 Emco Bar Fed CNCs.   These fast, high quality multi-spindle machines offer better quality, better delivery, and better prices. The live tooling on this equipment enables us to mill, cross drill, double end drill, and single point thread; as well as, eliminates the need for secondary operations. 

Our Emcos are ideal for producing short to medium runs of a vast array of parts including shafts, valves, nuts, and many more complex turned components. At Melling Industries we can run a variety of materials ranging in size up to 2 3/8” capacity on our Automatic Bar Fed CNCs, alone.


Centerless Grind:

Melling Industries is equipped with Cincinnati Centerless Grinders, but what makes them unique? They are fitted with control gaging which provides both 100% inspection and SPC capabilities as it checks, registers, and calculates every piece as it runs. Our control gaging can maintain a CPK measurement of 3.00 or better. 

Our grind equipment has the ability to hold a tolerance of +/- .00020; by having the potential to achieve tighter tolerances we can supply our customers with better surface finishes on the components we grind. This dynamic combination of machinery and gaging allows Melling Industries to run parts ranging in size anywhere between 1/4" and  ¾” diameters. Our control gaging is capable of compensating for normal machine variations.

Being equipped with the technology we have allows us to grind both high volumes and prototype quantities, more accurately. Not only does Melling Industries have a large amount of available capacity, we offer quick turnaround as well. 

At Melling Industries, our equipment alone gives us the competitive edge but coupled with our 50 plus years of experience, it is safe to say we can far surpass the competition.